Mommy Must-Haves: Air Travel

In Tyron’s first year, he will have gone on 2 international flights (round-trip) and two domestic flights (round trip). Traveling with a baby is tough, but not impossible. Having a few things on hand made traveling with a lap baby much easier!

image from Beco Baby Carriers

1. Carrier: We have a Beco Gemini in the Paige pattern, and I love it. I use it every day! When traveling on a plane, any carrier will do as long as it works well for you, and there are lots of carriers to choose from (future post about carrier types and brands coming soon!). It helps to have a secure place for your baby if he needs to sleep, or if you end up needing to walk up and down the aisle. We used the Beco Gemini while on a 5 hour flight, and Ty took two naps in it! It is also helpful if you don’t plan on bringing a stroller.

image from

2.Smitten Baby Change Mate: When changing diapers on a plane, these change mats rock! They open up to reveal a pocket that can fit 2-3 diapers and a travel wipes case. They’re fantastic for grabbing and heading to the tiny airplane bathroom without lugging your whole diaper bag to change a diaper.


image from

3. Snack Trap: Keep your snacks handy, in a cup that little hands can easily hold. These are great for filling with small snacks, and the lid helps prevent spills (you can also buy solid lids, so nothing spills out in your diaper bag). These are great not just for air travel, but for every day use! We use a Munchkin brand snack trap for stroller trips, and snacking on the go.

Image from

4. Toy Strap: Keep your baby’s toys safe from falling below airplane seats with a toy strap. These work great on most toys, and will keep you from dropping toys when you are juggling baby in your arms. Attach one side of the toy strap to the toy, and the other can be attached to your seat belt, belt loops, or baby’s clothes. Toy straps work great for keeping Sophie safe in the car or stroller, too!

image from

5. A Special Toy:  Purchasing a special “travel” toy is not necessary, especially if your baby has a special toy he loves. You can buy your baby a new toy just for the plane, but be sure to have other known favorites on hand as well. Something interactive that will keep his attention is key. Ty loves his My Pal Scout (by Leap Frog), and we bring it with us when we travel. Keep in mind the size of your carry-on luggage when planning or buying toys for the flight. The smaller the better. It helps, too, for baby to have something familiar to sleep with in a new place.

Hope these ideas help! I’ll have more travel tips as we head off to new adventures in the Caribbean next month!


About Shauna

I'm a mommy to a little Monkey and a baby Bear. Married to a handsome man who is my co-zookeeper in our little Zoo. We're a happy family most of the time, figuring things out as we go, and learning a lot about ourselves in the process. But that's life!
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2 Responses to Mommy Must-Haves: Air Travel

  1. kari says:

    yay. i cant wait to see your post about carriers. we have a bjorn and a ring sling but i stopped using it when jude was about 6 months because it didnt carry his weight. i would love to get ideas of carriers for heavier babies/toddlers. that way we can make a smart purchase when we have our next kid

  2. Shauna says:

    I’ll be making that post at some point this week! I’ve tried a lot of different carriers, and some with older/bigger babies, so I’ll try to give a fair review to all of the ones I’ve tried! Obviously, my favorite is the one I bought, lol, but I know everyone has their personal preferences.

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