Summer Activity: Baby Story Time!

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Okay, so it’s not just a summer activity, but it’s definitely nice to have a cool, air conditioned escape in the library!  Many public libraries offer story time for different ages. When Tyron was just a couple months old, we took him to baby time and Mother Goose (Baby Time offered by the Public Library and Mother Goose offered by the Ontario Early Years Centre). He wasn’t all that interested or interactive our first go around, but when I found out the public library was doing a summer session of Baby Time, I got super excited!
One of the things I always wanted for Tyron was for him to love books as much as Doug and I do. I wanted him to have favorite stories, and to ask us to read to him over and over again, to pull out the same book every night because it was his favorite. Long before I was even pregnant, Doug and I had talked about wanting to read to our kids at bed time. I have fond memories of visiting my childhood best friend and sleeping over at her house, and listening to her dad read The Chronicles of Narnia to all three of his kids (and me) before bed. I want to share my love of reading with my kids.
The great thing about Baby Time is that the librarians know how to keep the babies’ attention. They sing songs, do rhymes, use puppets and props and read fun books that babies love. Ty loves to crawl on the big rug and sit right up front where he can see the pictures up close! He also loves the very end of the class, when the librarians/teachers blow bubbles!
Ask the librarians in the Children’s section of your local library for any story time or baby activities they may do. And if they don’t offer any, ask if there’s a way to suggest an activity. And if that doesn’t work, do story time at home!

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I'm a mommy to a little Monkey and a baby Bear. Married to a handsome man who is my co-zookeeper in our little Zoo. We're a happy family most of the time, figuring things out as we go, and learning a lot about ourselves in the process. But that's life!
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One Response to Summer Activity: Baby Story Time!

  1. I only remember going to Story Time at the library once (I think I was about 5 or 6), but I remember my parents reading to me (and later my sisters) every night when I was little. I’m convinced that’s why the three of us are the huge bookworms that we are. I plan on reading to my kids right from the get-go as well.
    Baby Time sounds like a great program; glad Ty’s enjoying it. And judging from this post, between that and you and Doug reding to him, it sounds like you’ve got a future bookworm on your hands… well done! 🙂

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