about my family

 My two main men are the lights of my life.

My husband, Doug and I have been married for five years. We come from two different continents, and we’ve blended and made our family here in Ontario, Canada. Doug was born and raised in South Africa, and moved to Canada after he graduated from university in 2003.

My little man, Tyron (Ty) was born on November 24th, 2010 and he has completely changed mine and Doug’s lives. We were happy before, we had two greyhounds and two cats, we enjoyed our quiet life together, but we had no idea what we were missing until Ty came into our world and shook everything up. Ty is a happy, carefree little boy, who likes to roll around on mommy and daddy’s bed, and who likes to swim and take baths and eat paper. He “talks” in a growling voice and he is constantly learning new things and developing a hilarious and adorable personality. He recently learned to crawl and now EVERYTHING has changed!

 My first babies were of the four legged variety. We first had cats, and when Ty was born we had Delilah (pictured with him, below), and Jezebel. Jez didn’t like her new brother, and we wanted her to be happy, so we sadly sent her to live with Doug’s parents. She is thriving there and is totally in her element. Delilah was our first baby, and she has a special place in my heart. Ozzy and Catie came next! We decided to adopt two retired racing greyhounds, when we learned that they make great apartment dogs.  They are a challenge sometimes, but they are just as much a part of our family as Tyron, Doug or myself. We love them so much we would do anything for them. Our biggest fear with having a baby was that the animals wouldn’t get along with him, or that Ty would be allergic. Fortunately, with the exception of Jezebel, they do get along well with Ty, and Ty isn’t allergic to them! I can’t imagine my home without a couple of beasts running around. 🙂

Then there’s me! I’m 27, was born and raised in Southern California and am loving my life here in Canada. I spent years imagining my life, dreaming of my husband and kids, and really, it’s nothing like it was in my dreams. It’s so much better! There are some hard times that come with moving 4,000 miles away from home, but we made it work, and now I consider this to be my home. I love being a wife and a mother more than I’ve ever loved doing anything. It’s definitely fulfilling!



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